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Sunday School

We offer a variety of Sunday School classes/small groups for all ages on Sunday Mornings.


Teacher/Group Leader: Vana McClanahan

Location: New Building Lower Level


Teacher/Group Leader: Laura Epperly

Location: New Building Lower Level

Kindergarten & 1st Grade:

Teacher/Group Leader: Peggy & Gino Arbogast 

Location: New Building Lower Level

2nd & 3rd Grade:

Teacher/Group Leader: Sissy Simpson

Location: New Building Lower Level


4th & 5th Grade:

Teacher/Group Leader: Nancy Epperly

Location: New Building Lower Level

Middle School Youth:

Teacher/Group Leader: Jesse & Teresa Witt, Nikki & Justin Cook

Location: Upper Level at End of Hall

High School Youth:

Teacher/Group Leader: Sammy & Jean Minter, Jennifer Simmons

Location: Upper Level at End of Hall

New Adventures:

(Young Adults)

Teacher/Group Leader: Joyce Mandeville

Location: Fellowship House Main Floor

Seed Sowers:

(Mostly Middle Agers/Young Adults – In Depth Studies)

Teacher/Group Leader: Jason Markham & Dan Bowser

Location: New Building Main Level off the Fellowship Hall

Helping Hands:

(Mixed Ages)

Teacher/Group Leader: Tom Moore & Bill Potter

Location: Fellowship House Basement

Faith & Works:

(Older Mixed Ages)

Teacher/Group Leader: Mike Lee & Janet Entsminger

Location: New Building Left of Main Level Entrance


(Mixed Ages)

Teacher/Group Leader: Brenda Fowler

Location: Upper Level Beside Church Office

Small Group Study:

In Depth Bible Study (Mixed Ages)

Teacher/Group Leader: Philip Hayden

Location: New Building Right of Main Level Entrance

Special Needs:

Teacher/Group Leader: Judy Deel, Luke Winand, Debbie Rago, Josephine Powell, Sandy Hodges

Location: Old Building, Lower Level (across from Youth Room)

New Discoveries Class:

This class is for new members or those who are interested in learning more about Mill Creek Baptist church.  This eight week class generally runs in the Fall and Spring!  The class includes history, tours, and explanations of church programs and mission opportunities.

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