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Sunday School

We offer a variety of Sunday School classes/small groups for all ages at 9:30am on Sunday Mornings.

Preschool (2s & 3s):

Teacher/Group Leader: Cindy Holland & Laura Epperly

Location: Lower Level Purple Room

Preschool (4s & 5s):

Teacher/Group Leader: Luke Winand & Gino Arbogast

Location: Lower Level Yellow Room

Kindergarten & 1st Grade:

Teacher/Group Leader: Peggy Arbogast & Kelly Focht 

Location: Lower Level Red Room

2nd & 3rd Grade:

Teacher/Group Leader: Sissy Simpson

Location: Lower Level Orange Room

4th & 5th Grade:

Teacher/Group Leader: Curtis Akers

Location: Lower Level Blue Room


Teacher/Group Leaders: Sammy & Jean Minter, Ben & Jess Hayden, Jesse & Teresa Witt

Location: Middle level under Sanctuary in Youth Room

College & Careers:

(College Age & Young Singles)

Teacher/Group Leader: Sandy Hodges & Teresa Garrett

Location: Middle level next to kitchen

Young Professionals:

(Young Singles & Newly Married Couples)

Teacher/Group Leader: Erik & Kelly Olson

Location: Fellowship House

New Adventures:

(Mostly Married Couples with Young Children)

Teacher/Group Leader: Josh Witt

Location: Fellowship House

Seed Sowers:

(Mostly Middle Agers/Young Adults – In Depth Studies)

Teacher/Group Leader: Jason Markham & Dan Bowser

Location: New building main level off the Fellowship Hall

Helping Hands:

(Mixed Ages)

Teacher/Group Leader: Tom Moore & Bill Potter

Location: Fellowship Hall

Sword of the Spirit:

(Older Mixed Ages)

Teacher/Group Leader: J. D. Robinson

Location: Upper level at end of hall

Joyful Servants:

(Mixed Ages)

Teacher/Group Leader: Susan & Donnie Johnson

Location: Upper level beside church office

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